Laugh&Learn Playschool is open from 07:00 until 17:30, from Monday to Friday.

L&L is open from August until the end of June. The daycare is closed on Finnish national holidays, for the month of July for summer holidays, and for two weeks in December for winter holidays.



Laugh&Learn Playschool daycare fees are 930 euros per calendar month. Fees include full-time daycare and all warm, nutritious meals during the playschool day. Additional charges may apply for special dietary requirements. A non-refundable registration fee of 150 euros in needed to complete the enrollment process once your child has been accepted.

Families with Finnish social security can apply for private daycare support (Yksityisenhoidon tuki) from Kela. Kela and Helsinki City will pay 500–930 euros a month in daycare support, dependent on family income.



Support contribution in Helsinki:

Who can apply for Kela support:

Application for Kela support: